Our scaffolding rental and assembly services offer maximum quality and safety. They are ideal for creating work platforms and support structures. These structures, provide excellent results as they easily adapt to all spaces, allowing to overcome any type of obstacle.

We build modular systems, tubular structures, knots and multidirectional, adjusting to each of our client’s needs.

Our work is very useful for needs of those in the construction sector. We have highly qualified personnel and all the security elements required by this type of works.

Our scaffolding

They have 8 joints in one plane, immediate selection of correct and flexible angles, self-closing during assembly, protection of the material and a huge variety of parts. It guarantees a fast and safe assembly.

The Layher platforms provide a safe work surface.

A safety lock secures the platform and reduces the need for horizontal parallels towards the platforms. This reduction of material and weight is one of the advantages for its transport and assembly. The Layher Allround® leading technology system puts at your service the safety and economy in the assembly and disassembly of tubular scaffolding. It is the only multidirectional scaffolding system that has three approvals, both for the node (steel and aluminum) and for the system itself.


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