Integrated Policy

BM Inspecciones - Oil & Gas - Añelo

At BM Inspections we are committed to Quality, Safety and Environment in the provision of Non-Destructive Testing Services such as: Penetrating Liquids, Magnetizable Particles, Ultrasound and Industrial Scintigraphy, Hydrostatic Testing Services, Inspection Services of Lifting Elements, Set of Well Funds and Completion and Drilling Tools for the Oil and Gas Industry, Engineering Service and Torque Service.

Our commitment is based on:

  • Satisfy the requirements of our clients, our organisation, the community and other interested parties.
  • Develop and maintain a management system based on ISO 9001 standards; 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  • Comply with the Legal and Regulatory Requirements applicable to the activity, emphasizing on the Health and Safety, Environmental and other requirements to which we are subscribed.
  • Consider the suggestions of all people who add value in the Hazards Identification in order to improve working conditions, prevent injuries and Occupational Diseases.
  • Evaluate, prevent and control environmental impacts. In order to take care of the environment, we generate a rational use of resources.
  • Promote all personnel cooperation and participation in the observation of dangerous conditions and unsafe activities carried out either at the Base or at the Client’s Facilities.
  • Raise awareness among our teams to: Minimize the risks in the Driving of Vehicles through a Good Drivers Program and the Preventive Maintenance of the units.
  • Adopt Safe Practices by planning prevention in the execution of Work at Height, Confined Spaces, Exposure to Explosive and Flammable Atmospheres.
  • Continually review and improve this policy as well as the effectiveness of the management system.

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